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+- https://www.reddit.com/r/tumblr/comments/v6a1kv/another_reason_why_tumblr_is_the_best_community/
+- https://i.redd.it/oldulxttm1491.jpg
+== prokopetz ==
+I've seen a lot of videos going around of urban-dwelling critters
+coming to humans for help with various problems, ranging from boxes
+stuck on their heads to young trapped down a storm drain, and it's
+gotten me to thinking:
+On the one hand, it's kind of fascinating that they know to do that.
+On the other hand, setting any questions of how this sort of behaviour
+must have arisen aside for the nonce, does it ever strike you how
+*weird* it is that we've got a whole collection of prey species whose
+basic problem-solving script ends with the step "if all else fails, go
+bother one of the local apex predators and maybe they'll fix the
+problem for no reason"?
+== roachpatrol ==
+well, come to think of it, we're at the top of the food chain but we
+almost exclusively hunt and kill prey _out in the country_.
+raccoons and possums and foxes and crows all succeed in an urban
+environment because they're opportunistic and observant, and almost
+none of them would have observed us pounce on one of their species and
+then start eating it, you know? a lot of them would have observed that
+we scream and chase them out of wherever we don't want them to be, but
+other animals are territorial too. but there's a number of situations
+where humans feed whoever's bold enough to take them up on the offer,
+and we _do_ tend to pull garbage off of other animals as soon as they
+slow down enough for us to catch. 'a human got me but nothing bad
+happened' is a much more frequent thing than 'a human got me and tried
+to eat me'.
+anyway like, we're masters of our environment, we make weird shit
+happen all the time, we have lots of great food and sometimes we share
+and we almost never eat someone. it makes sense for urban animals v
+over the last century or so, to just keep an eye out for opportunities
+to use us, and to pass the habit on to their kids.
+== tsfennec ==
+It really is weird, funny thing. Like yeah, technically they're
+predators, and they get pretty screamy, especially if you try to take
+any of their stuff... but given the chance it seems like they'd rather
+help us out and sometimes they'll just randomly give you food, so???
+I mean, I guess in fairytales and myths we've got our fair share of
+stories about dangerous people/creates who might well kill you or
+otherwise ruin your life, but to whom people nonetheless turn for help
+in desperate circumstances. So it's not like the perspective is
+exactly a foreign thing to our own mindset, really... It's just that,
+y'know, we can't _actually_ go make a deal with the faeries when
+there's something we can't figure out.
+(Which brings me to an interesting thought about the ubiquitous rule
+about never eating the faery food lest you find yourself forever
+unsatisfied with anything in the human world - and the potential
+parallels to the dangers of feeding wildlife _human_ food lest they
+become addicted and too tame and dependent to be safe for either
+themselves or us. Hmm.)
+== sapphicaquarius ==
+Okay, but that last bit with the Fae...makes almost perfect sense
+Of the stories I've read, the food of the Fae, its origins and
+effects, are often strange and/or obscure.- Just like our food to most
+The Fae are strange beings that seem to know weird things that give
+them power or an edge over us.- Just like us to animals.
+The Fae work and live by strange rules also often nonsensical or
+obscure to us.- just like us to animals.
+The Fae can easily obtain vast amounts of things we consider
+rare/precious/desirable, and have no problem with dishing out wantonly
+for no other reason than amusement.- Just like us to animals.
+The Fae sometimes are amused by having us around, but only on their
+terms and IF it amuses/intrigues them.- Just like us to animals.
+== roachpatrol ==
+-they have arcane social conventions and the punishment for not paying
+the respects right is banishment, if you're lucky, and death if you're
+-they have wild and unexpected parties where you'd least expect to
+find them. but if you're bold enough to entertain them they'll feed
+you and caress and you and play with you all night.
+-time runs strangely in their realm. their homes are summerlands: warm
+and bright, no matter the season. there is always fruit on their
+tables. but not everyone who comes in from the cold is let back out
+-their games are cruel and complex and unfair, but if you can beat
+them by their own rules you will access riches beyond imagining.
+-sometimes they just fucking fuck with you, the fuckheads.
+-they will absolutely steal your children away. when your children
+return— if they ever do— they will come back strange. they will know
+things they shouldn't. they won't know things that they should. your
+strange children might survive, might even prosper, might take wives
+and husbands and have children of their own. butthey will always be
+marked by their time away from you world.
+-the price for pissing them off is always death. sometimes just you.
+sometimes you whole community.
+-if you are very good, and very smart, and verybrave, they will grant
+you wish.
+== oceaxereturns ==
+My eyes just got wider and wider the further down I read.
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+- [[apex-predator]]
== Övrigt ==
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