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* ... and change to correct submodules.HEADmasterHugo Hörnquist2022-03-01
* Replace references to calp with hnh.Hugo Hörnquist2022-03-01
* Insert error messages into rss feed.Hugo Hörnquist2022-01-13
* Fix pre-install main.Hugo Hörnquist2022-01-13
* Fix minor problems.Hugo Hörnquist2021-12-30
* Add makefile.Hugo Hörnquist2021-12-30
* Move stuff to module dir.Hugo Hörnquist2021-12-30
* Improve --help output.Hugo Hörnquist2021-12-30
* Option handling.Hugo Hörnquist2021-12-30
* Move date parsing to library.Hugo Hörnquist2021-12-30
* Fix add-to-load-path.Hugo Hörnquist2021-12-30
* Moved stuff to modules.Hugo Hörnquist2021-11-27
* Handle multiple feeds.Hugo Hörnquist2021-11-27
* Working.Hugo Hörnquist2021-11-27
* Add --output option.Hugo Hörnquist2021-08-22
* Initial commit.Hugo Hörnquist2021-08-22